Highlights from Internship -- Fall 2018

--First half at Kitchen and Bath Ideas with Martha Dust

melanie -- internship 2018.jpg
internship -- martha and me.jpg

Metrailer Bathroom Renovation

This bathroom had suffered a massive water heater leak. These young parents were in a hurry for a renovation. I added lots of storage, a larger vanity, a freestanding tub and a semi-enclosed shower per their request. 

internship -- photo mary, aaron, me.jpg

Keogh Kitchen Renovation

I redesigned the cabinetry in the kitchen of this postmodern home keeping almost the same

footprint, but updating finishes to a more appropriate style for the home. I kept functionality in mind since this couple loves to cook. The presentation went very well.

internship -- keogh photo 2.jpg
keogh 3D View with tile_bak.jpg
internship -- work product keogh redesig

Moody Bathroom Renovation

A tiny basement bathroom was redesigned to be as open as possible with a corner shower and open shelving.

internship -- smith top view.jpg
internship -- moody bathroom image.JPG
moody bathroom wo dims.JPG

Smith Bathroom Renovation

The space was there but the 1990's style and awkward floor plan had to go. I switched out the huge whirlpool for a deep soaker tub, added tall cabinets for storage, and reconfigured the corner shower with glass walls.

internship -- smith top view.jpg
internship -- smith floor plan.JPG

--Second half at Sowell Architects with Rik Sowell, Amy Sowell, and Emily and Cody Ferris

internship -- rsa.jpg
internship -- rsa red line.jpg

New Residence

My assignment was to take hand-drafted floor plans, add them to Revit, and make the facade look like a photo from the clients' Pinterest page. It took many hours, lots of Revit tutorials, help from Cody and Rik, but I finished it. The facade is below.

internship -- bass house front elevation

Finished front elevation

A foundation plan for the new residence was a new experience

COHO Cottages -- a neighborhood of 10 identical homes...

My assignment was to add architectural details and color to this facade to make each home unique. See what you think below.

coho -- front elevation.jpg
internship -- 11 coho houses.JPG