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Art Deco style bathroom

I’m Melanie Siegel, a residential designer serving Conway and Little Rock, Arkansas.  Residential projects are transformational periods in our lives and require insightful and sensitive planning. Having degrees in Psychology and Interior Design means I am uniquely qualified to help you navigate the process of adapting your home to serve you better.

Beginning with the takeover of my fourth grade classroom bulletin board, I have become a visual idea machine. I believe in slow design, and in drafting something over and over until it makes perfect sense. Homes last longer than we do. Planning is everything!


Book a conversation or send an email and take the first step toward a more beautiful and functional home! Thanks for dropping by!

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What we do:

  • 3D imaging (renderings)

  • Renovations

  • Additions

  • Exterior redesigns

​All of the above are created from our original plans or someone else's existing plans in Conway or Little Rock, Arkansas. However, if your project is not in our area and you have your own contractors and suppliers, please send us an email or book a conversation.

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